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Pearl Haven Ministries Inc. & E5 Outreach

Pearl Haven Ministries Inc. & E5 OutreachPearl Haven Ministries Inc. & E5 Outreach

Sharing the good news of Jesus the Christ to all nations

Mission Trips


Trip dates and cost

Already planning for the 2020 mission trips. If you hear the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit say, "GO" then we would love for you to join us. 

Purpose: Matt: 28:19 Go and make disciples of all nations....

"Find where God is working and join Him". Henry Blackaby

One day I was bicycling home, I passed a church holding a gospel crusade, on the church building I saw a poster having some people I recognized. Paul Ortega who is now my friend and his daughter Brooke. He was to preach that day, so I stayed to see. 

From that day my life never remained the same, I changed I started praying, learning how to talk to God, my family started loving me, I started going to church to meet pastor Francis who pastors over the church. I did it daily, even now. I reached out to Paul and Francis, and they have helped me by encouraging me to pray and read God’s word. They have been helping me learn what this new life in Christ is.  

Trips for 2020

Winter - Uganda

January 23rd - Feb 3rd

Mbale Uganda

Baptist Pastors Leadership Meeting

Spring - Cost $3100  (Uganda & Ethiopia)

March 19th - April 4th

March 20th - 28th Kampala, Uganda

Church: Ssumbwe Christianity Focus Church   

Door to door evangelism

Discipleship training 

March 28th - April 3rd Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Church - Fellowship of Ethiopia

Door to door evangelism

Summer trip - Dates TBD ()

Fall trip -  (Mbale / Moyo Uganda)

Aug 27th - Sept: 12th 

Aug 27th - Sept 4th

Church: Exodus Baptist Church 

Door to door evangelism

Sept: 6th - 12th

Medical Camp - Moyo, Uganda (Metu Mountains)


E5 Outreach LTD partners with RAU-Reaching Africa's Unreached and Pearl Haven Christian Center Medical team to minister to the people in the Metu mountains. We were able to treat around 760 people with medical care, 93 gave their life to the Lord after hearing the gospel.



E5 Outreach Ministries (Mbale Uganda)

E5 Outreach Ministries hosting Pastor Conference 

1st day of conference

E5 Outreach Ministries (Mbale Uganda)


E5 Outreach Ministries hosting Pastor Conference 

2nd day of conference


Worship and Training Center


The Pearl Haven Christian Center is nearly complete, we did celebrate the 

Grand Opening Ceremony on July 14, 2018, but there is still a lot of work to complete the inside. This facility will be the home base for the church and a training center for missions and evangelism.



Each year teams from the U.S. travel to Uganda to partner with the Pearl Haven Christian Center for door-to-door evangelism and large outdoor gospel crusades.  Are you interested in helping someone know the saving grace offered through Jesus Christ?



Many children in Uganda are not able to continue in school because of financial reasons.  Providing scholarships will make an incredible difference in the lives of these children that will last for generations.

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