From the streets to a home

John 6:37

Our team came in from a long day of door to door evangelism, so we headed to chicken papa's restaurant to refresh and  refuel. We ordered our food and were conversing about the days events. I was sitting across from Dakota Best, which was his first mission trip to Africa. Dakota looked at me and said, Paul, " There is a young boy outside signing to me that he is hungry". I told Dakota, well, pull up a chair and invite him in. So, he did and waved to the young boy to come in. Dakota asked him his name, and the young boy quietly whispered with his head down, Levi. We were trying to make conversation with him, but he was very quiet and just shook his head and responded with an umm. Dakota got the mini evangel cube out and began sharing  with Levi. Communication wasn't going so well, because it was hard to tell if he understood what we were saying. Henry Baale was sitting on the other end of the table. so we called him over to share with Levi in his own language. After Henry shared the gospel, he asked Levi if he would like Jesus in his life. Levi said yes, and right then and there confessed Jesus as his Lord and Savior. So many things took place after, from taking him to the police station to informed them that he is living on the streets, and asking the police for permission to take care of him as we try to locate his parents. Levi stayed with the church at the based camp the whole week that we were evangelizing and was actually part of our team. As we went out, he went with us and actually shared with the children his age the gospel as best as he could. I was trying to get everything setup for Levi before heading back to the states, and was worried that time would run out. A simple prayer of, "Help me Lord, and He answered. Two days prior before leaving, our missionary friends that had just moved to Mbale said he had already discussed this with his wife, and they agreed to take care of him if we could not arrange something for him. My heart shouted, THANK YOU JESUS"!!. Levi has been with them ever since and is going to school because of the Ingram's and some friends and family that sponsor him. They do take him to visit his family when they can, but the state that his dad is in, well, let just say he needs prayer. 

Levi is doing well......Jesus loves the little children....