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Partnership with Pearl Haven Christian Center

In 1993, the Lord called Wilberforce and Sarah Okumu to go to Mbale, Uganda and build Pearl Haven Christian Center.  By starting a  humble house church, the Okumu's have faithfully worked to build the church for 25 years.  For years they met where they could and eventually were able to purchase a plot of land.  Setting up a temporary structure, they immediately began to work on fulfilling God's call for Pearl Haven Christian Center.  Progress was very slow at first, but the church members knew God had great plans.  

The Mission of Pearl Haven Christian Center is to:

(1)  be a regional church which supports the community with local mission projects such as food, access to medical care, discipleship, evangelism, & indigent care,

(2)  be a regional missionary hub to train and equip local Ugandans to go up the Nile River into Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Egypt sharing the Gospel of Christ and planting churches,

(3) a model church to help plant new churches giving support and training.

The Lord has called the church to construct a facility that will have a large worship center seating 2,000+, training facilities, kitchen, library, and office.  

Pearl Haven Ministries Partnership

In 2011, the Lord called Paul Ortega and John Brattlof to go to Mbale and help.  It was immediately obvious that Paul and John would start a U.S. based mission to partner with PHCC.  In 2012, Pearl Haven Ministries was formed as a 501(c)3 charity and began raising money and sending teams to Uganda to help with evangelism efforts.  In each year since, teams of people from the U.S. have travelled to Uganda to take part in the door-to-door evangelism efforts and the large outdoor crusades.  The Lord has been faithful and by His grace, the worship center will be complete in the summer of 2018.  Construction on the training facility / children's building will begin immediately following.  



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Co-Founder / CFO

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