Doomed, Drunk, Delivered

He is able to deliver

Walking down the road stumbling in drunkenness, we hear a call from this man asking us to come over and talk to him. We had been sharing with a few people and about to leave, and heard these cries of, please come talk to me. To be honest, I felt like avoiding him because I knew he wasn’t in his right mind. Yet, the Holy Spirit didn’t let us escape him, so we kind of hesitated and slowly walk towards him hoping he would keep walking. He stopped and said, thank you, thank you, I need to get my life right. I am a drunk and alcohol has gripped my life. I want to change, please pray for me. Paul is my name and thank you for stopping. We shared with him about Christ, and before we finished, he said, Yes, I want Jesus, I want to changed. He took my hand and wouldn’t let go and said, please pray for me. So, we prayed, and he began to cry out, yes Jesus changed me. I peeked to see if he was serious, and tears were flowing from his cheeks, that triggered mine as well. We finished praying and he began to say, I’m changed, I’m changed. Thank you for praying for me. He said, brother Paul, when you prayed for me, something came in me, and when it did, my head cleared, look I am not even drunk anymore. Please come to my house and share with my family. So we did and prayed for his whole family. We asked him to go to the new believer's conference at church near by and he said, I will if you meet me there, so we scheduled to be there on that Thursday. Sure enough, he showed up and even gave his testimony about Jesus saving him. Dixon, visited him in Sept to check on them and said he was going to church, and his family was doing well. Father, thank you for Your Faithfulness. You are a good, good Father.