Our Heavenly Father Hears and Heals

Jehovah Rapha

   Beginning of the day before we set out, Tripp wasn’t feeling well, not necessarily physical ill, but he said he just didn’t feel right. I told him, he could remain at the hotel if he would like and rest up. He said no, I am going. We both assumed that it was spiritual warfare, and Satan was trying to distract us from doing what we were called to do. We did our morning devotion and then set off, and just let me tell you, this was an amazing day, so many events that happen where God revealed His goodness and love.

      This is one of the stories: Before we headed anywhere, we prayed that the Holy Spirit would direct our path and lead us to who we were to minister to. After we prayed, we asked one of our team members to lead, it was Dakota’s turn. We asked him to lead the way and where the Holy Spirit directs, let us go.

      This is the family the Lord led us to, but before we reached this place, Tripp had a headache, possibly due to being hungry and tired, as I think we all were since we had been out for about 5-6 hours already. We kinda jokingly prayed, Lord supply some food for us, yet continued on our journey.  Well, we came to this house and a young lady was there to greet us, I believe it was this family’s cousin. She invited us to this home and immediately went to get the family. The mother (Rosemary) came and greeted us, and then later the father (George), he welcome us into his home. We entered, and he told us, please have a seat. Ugandan’s are so hospitable. The family was so excited that we were visiting them. We explained why we were there and why we were going throughout this community sharing the love of Christ. The father said that was a good thing. The Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to ask the father about his testimony. I told the father that by the way he has presented himself and just the joy that radiates in him, I perceived that you are born again, his response was, “yes, I am”. I asked if he would share his testimony with us.

        This is what he shared with us. I was raised a Catholic, but it was really by name only, you see my daughter Patience had become ill, her head ached all the time, her body and bones ached as well, and she could not keep any food in her, as soon as she ate, she would lose it. It became worse each day to the point that she just wanted to lay down all the time and not move because it was painful. She moaned day and night and the moans increased as the pain increased. We took her to the doctor/s, but they could not figure it out, and it came to a point we could no longer keep paying to keep taking her. We were desperate, and it killed us to see her in this condition. A friend told us that we should take her to this church who is holding a prayer meeting and they could pray for her. At this point, what else could we do, so I took her, and they prayed over her for healing. We then took her back home, and she told me, “daddy, I am  hungry”. We gave her something small to eat, hoping she would keep it in. She was able to and asked for another portion. I was surprised. We put her in bed to rest, and after some time she was up and walking around. I asked her, how are you feeling? She replied, I am okay, but hungry. I asked her how is the pain in your head, she said, it is okay. At this point, I knew something happened, and so I begin to go to this church to seek who this Jesus was. I soon gave my life and surrender my life to Jesus Christ, making Him my Lord and Savior.

       We asked to see if we could meet Patience, so he asked her to come to greet us. We asked why she wasn’t in school and George said, because of the hospital fees, we could no longer afford to keep them in school. This must have warmed Dakota’s heart because he leaned over to me and said, I would like to pay for her school fees, as well as her brother’s. We told them that Dakota wanted to pay for their school fees and they jumped for joy. All of a sudden, this huge feast came out, which apparently was being prepared before all this took place. I looked at Tripp and laughed saying, the Lord heard our prayers and had them preparing before we even arrived. By the time we left, we couldn’t fit through the door. Before we set on our way, Rosemary did share with us that in the morning when they were in the garden working, her niece said to her, Auntie, I had a dream last night that God was going to send some white people to help us some day, that everything will be okay. Little did they know it was the very same day. Tripp and Dakota took a Mountain Dew bottle back with them so that this would be a reminder to pray for this family.  God is Good