Not only in words, but deeds that proceeds

Let God's love flow

       The spoken word followed by deeds speaks louder in the souls of men. One way we planned on sharing with those laboring, was to allow one of our team members to share with them as we took upon the task of those working. We met a few of the people laboring that day and told them, “we will do your labor if you lend your ears to hear the good news of Jesus Christ”. The offer was always a yes.

      So Dixon who spoke Luganda shared with a couple of men as we began to load and unload the bricks. We took a pile of bricks that were stacked and exported them outside to another pile to be stacked and baked. As Dixon spoke to the two people, there were two others outside receiving and stacking them on top of each other. We made many trips and after about the sixth trip, one of the persons, (well, he ran the crew) who we were offloading the bricks to asked me, “Wow, can I ask you a question?” Sure, I said, what is it? Why are you helping us, you are all dressed up nicely and yet don’t mind getting dirty to help us. To tell you the truth, I never thought I would see the day when a white person would get their hands dirty to help us, much less your clothes. Even most Pastors here in Uganda would never belittle themselves to help us. I said, I am sorry for that, and it saddens me that you would perceive all Christians are like that. I simply stated that we are helping because the love of Christ resides in us, and we don’t mind helping anyone, especially when we can share the love of Jesus Christ with others. It did open the door that day, and even to this one (Michael) who asked the question. You see, he was a devoted practicing Muslim which saw all the faults of Christianity, the sad thing was that most was probably true. I told him, that is why we can not keep our eyes on man for if we do, we will fall. We can only look up to Jesus Christ the Son of God who will never fail us. Before we left, we shook hands, hugged, and I said, may the true God and His Son reveal what is true to you