God's Grace that Saves

Let God's love flow

       I am a young man who used to drink alcohol everyday I became useless to everyone around me and even my family could not love me because I refused to go to school. I was being sponsored for school but used the money to go to bars and drink. I would also buy drinks for others as well. At 25 years of age, I had more than ten girls I dated and for other uses. One day I was bicycling home, I passed a church holding a gospel crusade, on the church building I saw a poster having some people I recognized. Paul Ortega who is now my friend and his daughter Brooke. He was to preach that day, so I stayed to see. 

       From that day my life never remained the same, I changed I started praying, learning how to talk to God, my family started loving me, I started going to church to meet pastor Francis who pastored over the church. I did it daily, even now. I reached out to Paul and Francis, and they have helped me by encouraging me to pray and read God’s word. They have been helping me learn what this new life in Christ is.

       Now I have managed to have led 50 people to the Lord, including my father who also used to drink alcohol every day, but no longer drinks.  I have a new life of Jesus which if full of love and joy I have created new friends in life and good friends that am proud of. Am happy that I changed because I have received the joy that I never had in life before, and with my God in heaven, I will always be happy and expecting life everlasting in heaven. That is my testimony