2018 Uganda Mission's Team

Paul and Dinna White

When we married, we promised to serve God. This is one more way of doing it

John Madden

  • My name is Dr. John Madden. I was born in Fullerton, California, the youngest of six children. Since I was very young, I have always felt the Presence of God around me. My amazing mother and father raised us in a Christian home and my mom would often take those that would go to a Catholic Charismatic Center.  I had ups and downs in my walk with Christ  since then. In 2005, I really started focusing on my relationship with the Lord and was very blessed to go with my mother a few years later to Israel and the Holy Land. I currently run a functional wellness practice in Cedar Park where we do stem cell therapy, peripheral neuropathy work, chiropractic, and coach those to better health with diabetes, thyroid, heart problems, digestive, hormonal, and other to toxicity issues.  I am excited to see how the Lord shows up on this missions trip.
  • Owner of Madden Wellnes Center
  • http://kingdomphysicalmedicine.com

Carolina Buritica

My name is Carolina Buritica, I was born in Cali, Colombia, South America, and live in Bogota. I often travel to the US for work and to visit part of my family, which lives in Texas. I have been walking with Christ since I was 19, and since then I have been passionate for Him, His Word and His work among His people. My heart has been growing for missions, and I know this is a great opportunity God is giving me to love and serve others in Uganda, and by doing this my heart will grow closer to Him. I am very excited and looking forward to see what God has in store on this amazing journey I enjoy learning about other cultures and their customs, trying different food and learning their ways; so traveling is one of my favorite activities. I am a Food Scientist and work in the food industry, developing new products for a pizza company

Tripp Hamby

  • Owner of Priority Landscapes

Dakota Best

  • My name is Dakota Best. I'm 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I grew up in a Christian atmosphere, but in college I found a group of friends that I have grown closer to God with. I decided to go on this mission trip with my uncle "Tripp" because I want to take the opportunity while I am young, and I can. I am using this mission trip to not only grow closer to God myself, but spread the gospel with others as well. I hope to inspire the kids in Africa to follow their dreams, but do to so with a God centered life. I am super excited for this trip!
  • Student at Mary Harden Baylor
  • Baseball - UMHB